Industry Spotlight: American Woodmark

Company: American Woodmark
Located in Stephens County:  1988
Address:  398 Woodmark Drive Meadowbrook Industrial Park Eastanollee, GA 30538
Company Website:

American Woodmark is a Winchester, Virginia based cabinet manufacturing plant founded in 1980. They offer over 500 KCMA certified cabinet styles nationwide under four major brands: American Woodmark®, Shenandoah Cabinetry®, Timberlake® Cabinetry, and Waypoint® Living Spaces. The four principles which guide their actions are Customer Satisfaction, Integrity, Teamwork, and Excellence. The American Woodmark brand operates 9 manufacturing facilities across the United States, two of which are located in Kennesaw, GA and Toccoa, GA. American Woodmark is currently the 3rd largest provider of cabinetry products in North America, and is also a preferred cabinet provider for both Lowes and Home Depot.

In 1995, AW launched the American Woodmark Foundation, an employee-run organization that coordinated the company’s charitable giving activities. The AMF’s primary giving areas include education, housing, fire and safety, domestic violence, and providing funds for operating expenses. “Our employees understand the value of being good neighbors. The American Woodmark family believes that when we reach out a hand to help others, everyone benefits.”

As well as charitable giving, AW is committed to conducting business in a manner than protects the environment and safeguards public health and safety. They have received certification from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program on all of their products. By working with suppliers, the company encourages sustainable forestry practices.

Just 6 years after its founding, American Woodmark went public with a $18.75 million initial public offering under the ticker AMWD. Following the IPO, the company expanded their product line and sales topped $100 million for the first time, reaching $116 million. In January 2007, AMWD stock had hit an all-time high at 45.23 with a volume of 2.73M. Then just like other businesses in America, they felt the repercussions of the housing bubble burst. For several years the company climbed back up the charts as the economic climate continued to change. Today, American Woodmark is more profitable than ever. Net sales in 2017 topped a billion dollars - a 9% increase from the past fiscal year.

AW’s Stephens County plant is located in the Meadowbrook Industrial Park behind Grace Baptist Church. This plant was established in 1988 and has created nearly 100 jobs to date.  The Toccoa facility focuses on flat stock production, a component for side panel shelves, tops and bottoms. Then the components are shipped to other American Woodmark facilities, where they then complete the assembly process. Recently, they made a million dollar investment in a new top of the line piece of machinery to keep their processes and technology current.

For 30 years the American Woodmark Toccoa facility has played a key part in creating jobs for our residents and has spurred economic growth in Stephens County. We are grateful to be called home for an outstanding and underappreciated business in our region.

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