Tim Ritenour Completes Comtrain Authorized In-House Instructor of Basic Tower Climbing and Rescue Course

          Local company Global Tank and Tower, LLC has been in Toccoa a little over a year now and they are already having an impact on our local economy and workforce.  Last week they shared with us that through working with the Stephens County Development Authority and the Georgia Mountains Workforce Development office, they were able to help employee, Tim Ritenour, receive certification for Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue and In-House Instructor/Trainer. 
Dan Thornton, Adult-DW Case Manager with the Georgia Mountains Workforce Development office said, “The Georgia Mountains Workforce Development office was excited to be able to assist Global Tank and Tower and Tim Rightnour in achieving this Certification for "Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue" and for "In-House Instructor/Trainer".  Workforce Development was able to reimburse a large portion of the tuition cost for this certification training through the Incumbent Worker Training program grant.  The Incumbent Worker Training grant is designed to provide funding assistance to qualifying Georgia for-profit business to provide skills training to full-time, permanent company workers.  The training must be a business necessity that will enhance companies' abilities to compete in global economies, expand present markets, and help ensure the permanency (layoff aversion) of business in Georgia.  For the worker, the training will upgrade present work skills, heighten job security, provide marketable skills, and increase the possibilities for higher wages and promotional opportunities".

                Global Tank and Tower LLC is a professional company offering high quality construction and maintenance services in the broadcast, microwave, and cellular industries. They place the highest emphasis on customer satisfaction in all aspects of their services. The job is not complete until they have earned their customer's full vote of confidence by providing dependable personalized service. They offer telecommunication and broadcast system installations on water tanks, cell towers, rooftops, and steeples. 


Sark Wire is Shipping from Toccoa-Stephens County

Sark Wire announced they had shipped their first local manufactured product from their Toccoa Plant earlier this week.

According to a new promotional video, their new Toccoa Plant gives them a presence in the Southeastern United States that allows them to ship anywhere in the United States in 24 hours.  To learn more about Toccoa's newest up and running industry please watch this video.  


ASI Southeast is Making Progress on Their Expansion

The ASI Southeast, formally known as Gem Industries, expansion announced earlier this year has begun to take shape despite the weather.  Over 91,000 cubic yards of dirt have been moved along with a fair amount of rock.  The 112,000 square foot building constructed and designed by the J. Davis team started earlier this year and has current plans to be completed before March 2016.  Joel Davis, president of J. Davis Construction, a full service GA Licensed General Contractor says “We love working for ASI Southeast and in North Georgia.  They are perfect customers.  The entire process from starting the design through working with all of the governing agencies has been a great experience.  We were honored to have been selected for this project and look forward to further opportunities to serve the area.”

ASI Southeast manufactures and distributes the highest quality and widest selection of Washroom Accessories, Toilet Partitions and Lockers in the world.  They employ over 1,000 people, with the largest group being located in Stephens County, GA, USA. “ASI Southeast is proud to be working with the J Davis company on the new expansion as we continue our growth in Toccoa Stephens County”, said Doug Hitchon, Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer for ASI Southeast.  “We echo Joel’s sentiments that the City and County government in Toccoa-Stephens County are strong partners to our business and the leadership of the Stephens County Development Authority works for the citizens to establish itself as one of the best in the state of Georgia.”

“It’s exciting to see the progress being made on ASI’s expansion project”, Brian Akin, Chairman of the SCDA said.  “Any time an established industry is growing and making new investments in the community, there is certainly reason for excitement.  All of us at the SCDA look forward to seeing this project come to fruition and doing our part to ensure that ASI continues to be successful in Stephens County.”  Stephens County Development Authority is a constitutional development authority in the state of Georgia to encourage and support expansion and development of industrial and commercial facilities in Stephens County, Georgia so as to promote employment.  Learn more at scda.biz.